Fantasy Pros’ Daily Fantasy Accuracy Cup Week 2


Thanks to Fantasy Pros and Fan Duel, I am once again competing in the Daily Fantasy Accuracy Cup in 2016. Each week, myself and 44 other daily fantasy writers compete in a Fan Duel contest for actual cash money. Our scores are totaled, along the way, and by the All-Star Break we’ll have decided which writer gives the most accurate advice. Each week, I am posting my lineups here on Brewer Rat, along with some analysis.

Last week was a disaster. Liriano threw a disappointing 5 innings, and Brandon Crawford was my only hitter who reached double digits. I wound up placing 40th out of 45, but hey, that first week was unpredictable across the board, so I’m looking to rebound in week 2. Here’s my lineup:

Pitcher: Carlos Martinez – Cardinals, vs. Cin

Once again, I’m taking a pitcher that is facing the Reds and their weird mix of aging veterans and beginning-of-rebuild talent. This time, my pitcher will get to face them outside of Cincy. Lots of great pitching is going tonight, but Martinez should be able to compete with the the best, considering his matchup and ballpark.

Catcher: Stephen Vogt – Athletics, vs. Volquez

Vogt is always a nice cheap play, given his aptitude against right handed pitching. He’s not the best option, but at his price point, he’s head and shoulders above the competition. Given how much great, expensive pitching is going, Vogt should be highly owned tonight.

1st Base: Albert Pujols – Angels, @ Milone

The name of the game is home runs with Pujols tonight. He’ll face a bad left-handed pitcher in Tommy Milone at Target Field. $3,000 is hard to go wrong with here.

2nd Base: Dee Gordon – Marlins, vs. Perez

Williams Perez would not be in the starting rotation on many major league teams, but here he is, starting tonight against the Marlins. I like Gordon’s chances of reaching base tonight, and the Braves have been allowing stolen bases like wild. Opposing teams are 8/9 swiping bases against the Braves. While most of that is an indictment of A.J. Pierzynski, Tyler Flowers hasn’t thrown a runner out yet, either.

3rd Base: Kyle Seager – Mariners, @Severino

I’ll be honest, until the Yankees lineup came out, I had Alex Rodriguez slotted in here. As it turns out, ARod isn’t starting tonight, so I took another underpriced home run threat, in Seager. I’m not huge on his matchup against Severino, but as a low-cost lefty in Yankee Stadium, I doubt I’m the only one playing Seager tonight.

Short Stop: Troy Tulowitzki – Blue Jays, @Porcello

Porcello has had quite a rocky past year or so, and this Blue Jays lineup has the ability to really rattle a pitcher. Tulo launched a line-drive home run last night. He’s heating up, and could knock a couple off of the monster, and hopefully drive a few runs in, and he comes in at just $3,000.

Outfield – Brett Gardner – Yankees, vs. Karns

This one’s pretty simple: Talented lefty vs. RHP in Yankee Stadium. I like Karns, but not tonight.

Outfield – Nomar Mazara – Rangers, vs. Worley

I’m always amazed when I see Vance Worley’s name on the schedule. He hasn’t done much to prove that he’s a viable Major League starter, so I had to take someone on the Rangers. Tonight’s choice is the red hot Mazara at $2,700.

Outfield – Mike Trout – Angels, vs. Milone

Milone’s given up 65 career home runs to RHB, so I chose the Angels two most powerful RHBs. Trout’s $4,900 price tag is hopefully enough to scare other folks off (especially those that chose Kershaw), so I’m really hoping for a big game.

Between Trout and Martinez, the rest of my roster had to be constructed on a budget, but I’m happy with it. Good Luck tonight!

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