DFAC Week 3 Review


After another week of the DFAC, the ship appears to be back on course. My Samardzija pick paid off, as the Giant destroyed the Marlins. The late night win (12 pts) catapulted me into the money. I ended up finishing 13th. It’s my second week finishing in the top third of the field.

If this looks like fun, and you’d like to give DFS a try, click here and tell ’em I sent you.

Along with Samardzija, Stephen Vogt and Jason Heyward had solid outings, while Corey Seager proved to be the right Coors Field play. I’m satisfied with 13th, considering how hastily I threw my lineup together, but I’m a but disappointed with the Mets game. I was expecting the Mets LHHs to tear Bud Norris apart, but I chose the wrong Mets lefties. Duda and Conforto have major power, but they combined for 6 points. Had I gone with Granderson, cheaper than Conforto, I would have finished in 2nd place. Hindsight bias abounds here, but considering my strategy was Mets lefties, I think I reserve the right to be mad at myself. Here’s how my lineup worked out:


Anyway, congrats to Dave Potts for somehow finishing 1st this week, despite not having Granderson in his lineup. Nice work.

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