Post-Draft Recap


Yeah, yeah, I know there are still two days left, but I don’t have any friends or relatives hoping to be picked, so I’m going to say the draft is over.

As I noted yesterday, professional sport drafts are boring. In all leagues, they’re boring, but in baseball, they’re especially boring. At least players entering the NBA or NFL could make an immediate impact, but in baseball, these guys generally have 3-5 years of development left. I mean, some college pitcher might find himself in a bullpen at the end of the year, or the middle of next, but that’s certainly not the norm. For every player from the first 2 rounds that makes it to the big leagues, there is another that sputtered out and turned into a bust, or another with a career-derailing arm or knee injury. Plus, at least in football and basketball, we’ve seen the draft prospects play, and have a more clear idea of why we like whom we like.

In 5 years, ESPN or MLB Network will start showing high school games of top prospects in prime time, and start hyping their top plays on ‘Sportscenter’ so that they can hype up their live draft show, kind of like Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg. But that won’t change the fact that these kids are still 3-5 years away, Hell, some of them won’t even sign.

So, while I’m not going to waste my time watching players I don’t know play MLB dress-up on a stage with Bud Selig while actual baseball is being played, I did see the names roll by on Twitter, and read some scouting reports after the fact. The Hawaiian guy whose name I can’t pronounce seems like a safe, sure-to-sign, money-saver that was drafted so that they could afford a more expensive second pick. That second pick was Gatewood, who people seemed to be excited about, so that’s cool. Now that I kind of know the names (“Young Richie Sexson” and “Hawaiian Guy”), I have my reference for when news breaks about them getting hurt or promoted. Those of you who watched it, hey, more power to you, but I read their names, and that’s all I need from the MLB draft.

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