Thanks to Fantasy Pros and Fan Duel, I am once again competing in the Daily Fantasy Accuracy Cup in 2016. Each week, myself and 44 other daily fantasy writers compete in a Fan Duel contest for actual cash money. Our scores are totaled, along the way, and by the All-Star Break we’ll have decided which writer gives the most accurate advice. Each week, I am posting my lineups here on Brewer Rat, along with some analysis

If this looks like fun, and you’d like to give DFS a try, click here and tell them I sent you.

My lineup did well two weeks ago, and finished middle of the pack last week (thanks for nothing Aaron Nola). Currently I’m sitting and I’ve moved up to 16th in the overall DFAC rankings. Will you look at that.

You can see my lineup for this week above.

I’m imagining Felix and Scherzer will be highly owned tonight, but I hated their price (and Scherzer’s matchup) with so many big name bats in good situations tonight. unfortunately, even by saving money with Tanaka, I still couldn’t get most of the bats I coveted (Ortiz (not even starting anymore), Posey, Goldschmidt, Arenado, Desmond… Oh well. My team ain’t bad today.

I’m loving Beltre despite the wind, and Chris Carter against a struggling John Lamb, even if the roof is closed. Mostly, though, I like Crawford and Tomas and Calhoun’s matchups.

On second thought, I’m not very confident in tonight’s lineup. Wins are incredibly important for pitchers, and since he’s facing Chris Archer, Tanaka is far from a lock to win tonight. Beyond that, I had to bargain shop enough as it is, that I might as well have gone all out with Felix and filled out the rest of my lineup with quad-A guys facing quad-A pitchers. Whatever, good luck tonight, hope you fare better than I do.


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