Thanks to Fantasy Pros and Fan Duel, I am once again competing in the Daily Fantasy Accuracy Cup in 2016. Each week, myself and 44 other daily fantasy writers compete in a Fan Duel contest for actual cash money. Our scores are totaled, along the way, and by the All-Star Break we’ll have decided which writer gives the most accurate advice. Each week, I am posting my lineups here on Brewer Rat, along with some analysis

If this looks like fun, and you’d like to give DFS a try, click here and tell them I sent you.

My lineup did well last week, led by Jeff Samardzija, Corey Seager, and Jason Heyward. I finished 13th on the week, and I’ve moved up to 20th in the overall DFAC rankings.

You can see my lineup above.

There are a lot of upper-tier pitchers starting tonight. Strasburg, Kluber, Felix, Tanaka, Smyly, and Matz are all taking the hill. Outside of Kluber, though, I didn’t like any of their matchups that much, at least not at that price. Instead, I went a cheaper route, and took Aaron Sanchez. He’s going against Smyly, so a win isn’t a sure bet, but Tampa Bay’s offense is miserable. They’re in the bottom 5 of both strikeouts per game and runs per game. Sanchez was roughed up at home last time out, but this time he’ll pitch in one of the most run-suppressing ballparks in the league.

Beyond Sanchez, I wanted to get some shares of righties against Adam Morgan in Philly. Yan Gomes has not hit well this season, and his price reflects that a bit, but that’s almost entirely because of his performance against RHP. Against lefties, he has a .308 AVG and .231 ISO. Sure, it’s a small sample, but his career wOBA against lefties is .340, so this isn’t a fluke.

Gomes isn’t the only Indian I took, though. I’ll also be playing Francisco Lindor, and his career .914 OPS against lefties.

Last week I predicted that Bud Norris would get punished by left-handed Mets’ bats. I was right, except that all the damage came from Curtis Granderson, while I rostered Lucas Duda and Michael Conforto. This week, the Mets take on Jake Peavy. Peavy has been hit significantly harder by lefties than righties throughout his career, and this year he looks as washed up as ever.

The Rockies aren’t at home, but playing in hitter-friendly Arizona shouldn’t stop you from picking on Tyler Chatwood. Lamb only gets to play so often as a platoon player, but in 87 plate appearances, he sports a .297 AVG and a wonderful .257 ISO.

I filled in the rest of my outfield with a pricey, stat-collecting juggernaut named Ryan Braun, and an underpriced Gregory Polanco in the midst of a breakout campaign. Braun’s hitting .352 with 5 HR and a .268 ISO. Polanco’s reverse splits actually make him a bit of a risk, but  it’s tough to find more talent at that price.

To round out my lineup I grabbed Chase Utley. Chase is cheap, and always good for a few points. I would have preferred to spend less here, but I didn’t like many of the options.

I’ll surely grab some shares of Kluber in other lineups, but I like Sanchez tonight. It’s a calculated risk taking Sanchez instead of Kluber, so hopefully it pays off. Good Luck, and hopefully this will help your lineup pay off for you as well.

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